Balancing Light & Dark

The Wild Hunt 

The dark days will soon be on us and action is required.  Please join us to create balance.  We will journey for clearing and raising power, then engage the Wild Hunt. We balance darkness with light, engage the Faery Folk, guide the dead, or simply honor the time of year. There are different ways to participate depending on your shamanic experience.

Sunday, November 15, 2020, New Moon at 4:30 pm PT

Duration: about 90 minutes.
via Zoom from BirchGrove Hearth in Eugene, OR;  Leader – Reid Hart 

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Balancing Light & Dark: The Wild Hunt 

This event is intended for folks with shamanic journey or sacred ritual experience who want to work with compassionate helping spirits to rebalance the powers of light and dark.

The first third will focus on preparatory journeys.  Then we will raise power in this dark season and prepare for the ritual hunt and other activities.  The final third will focus on the "Long journey" to engage the Wild Hunt. Afterwards, we will share our experiences while we refresh ourselves with a beverage and snack.

History & Roles

According to ancient European tradition, the time between Samhain and Yule is considered a time of danger when raiders from the Otherworld create chaos and ill fortune for the men, women, and animals of this world. Fierce winter spirits approach. Green spirits of fertility decline into their annual winter torpor. The fairy hosts visit and scavenge our world in their seasonal journey to change dwellings. The Lords of the Dead conduct wild rides to round up the wandering ghosts who have died and not yet crossed over into the next life.

Traditionally Europeans have participated in these awesome nights by waging ritual warfare with the dark forces, making a stand for life and the survival of the human spirit and forces of life. They used shamanic flight and combat to oppose the forces that bring death each winter and to assist suffering beings trapped in the chaos between the worlds and the seasons. Roles include:

  • Meeting the Faery
  • Helping the Dead
  • Balancing the World
  • Bringing Light

 We act as warriors, to create a balance between light and dark so we can move forward into winter in a place of love and joy and brilliance.  While the dark forces are ominous and dark, they are not seen as evil. They are respected as the dark half of light; yet inaction will lead to being swallowed by the dark.  It is important for the forces of light to take a stand.  We assert life to maintain the balance.  So you are not invited to a fight between good and evil, but to stand for the balance between dark and light. We will explore this further in the preparatory journeys.

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