Expanding the Shamanic Journey for Personal & Professional Use

Deepening Your Journeys,
Tracking, &
Teaching Others to Journey

This training is taught in 5 sessions.


with Alida Birch, MSW

Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

There are two purposes for taking this course, both equally valid.

1) This course can be used by the shamanic journeyer to deepen their own journeys. Many attendees of this course have been pleasantly delighted at how deeply and profoundly they are able to journey and how easily they can develop trusted relationships with their Spirit Helpers.

2) This course can be the gateway for the therapist/ coach/ counselor/ shamanic practitioner who wishes to bring the benefits of shamanic journeying to their clients. Teaching another person to journey is one of the high points of my practice. I love empowering folks to access their own advice, wisdom, and healing by developing deep relationships with their Spirit helpers. Clients are taught to journey to the lower and upper worlds to develop trusted relationships with their Spirt Helpers. They learn to craft questions and how to interpret the answers. They develop their skills at personal problem solving and guidance utilizing the Spirits as their shamanic counselors. You, the practitioner, become a teacher of method. The Spirits become the real shamanic counselors in non-ordinary reality. Your client learns to become his or her own shaman. The object is to restore spiritual power and authority to the client.

These methods are experiential in contrast to the verbal or analytical approaches of traditional Western methods of counseling and are based on the journey technique of classical shamanism. In Expanding the Shamanic Journey for Personal & Professional Use you will experience both roles as practitioner and client. You will be paired with a partner with whom you will exchange the roles of practitioner and journeyer



Meeting Times

Lectures & Journey work: Sunday February 28th, March 7, 14, 21, 28th 6pm Pacific

Optional Q&A Sessions: Thursdays March 4, 11, & 18th 7pm Pacific

Prerequisites for this course:

  • You have been having success in contacting your power animals and/or teachers on your own and that you feel confident about your journey skills. 
  • You are willing and able to attend all 5 sessions live
  • You are willing to work with a partner and meet between sessions to complete the homework assignments.
  • Application required.

 Alida Birch is the author of The Co-Creation Handbook, a Shamanic Guide to Creating a Better World and a More Joyful Life.

A sought after shamanic healer and teacher, Alida has inspired people from all walks of life to create lives reflecting their deepest values and highest goals. She has helped thousands of students and clients around the globe recover from trauma, move forward in their lives, and find safe and practical methods to reconnect to the spirit world.

She trained with Tom Cowan for three decades and is certified as a shamanic teacher by Sandra Ingerman.

"Alida Birch has a true gift for presenting the practice of shamanism. She brilliantly helps students access their creative gifts so that they feel vital and empowered. I love Alida's work!"

Sandra Ingerman
Shamanic practitioner, teacher & author

When we open the doors to our co-creative genius, access spiritual wisdom and recognize the sovereignty of all living beings, we accelerate the shift to a vibrant, sustainable future that nourishes us all.    

– Alida Birch



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