Discover  foundational shamanic practices to connect you to the Land, Ancestors, and the Faery Folk

A Four-session LIVE Global Event

Wednesdays at 5:00 pm PT
February 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

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with Alida Birch, MSW & Reid Hart

Shamanic Practitioners and Teachers

Shamans and traditional Celts value the presence and power of the Spirits of Nature, the ancestors, and the faery folk.

This workshop provides a basis for understanding and communing with three foundational underpinnings of Celtic spirituality:

  • The Ancestors and the three different lineages we all carry within us.
  • The Land, with a connection to the Spirit of place.
  • The Faery Folk (also known by many other names in many other cultures).

Tapping into these three lineages gives you a solid basis for understanding the depth and breadth of Celtic Mysticism.

During this time when we are faced with our disconnection from all that is Nature, this workshop serves to bring you back to being native in your place.

It’s time to re-discover your ancestral roots, meet the Fae in their homes, and connect deeply with the land.

What would be possible if you could maintain the right relationship with Nature and create a sustained supportive relationship with those loving and wise spirit guides the shamans know how to tap into?

What would happen if you were able to bridge your ordinary reality with the Faery world of Ever Becoming?

You would discover  that our Natural World is full of spirits and their wisdom & friendship is accessible to you.

You would  understand the power & grace of being native in your place.


Join Alida Birch & Reid Hart for this valuable mini-course to discover three simple practices to help you connect to your Celtic Roots.

The Land

Connect to the Spirits of the natural world; Listen & understand what the Earth and her living entities are telling you.


Meet your clan totem and discover your three ancestral lines: blood, spirit and milk lines.

Faery Folk

Learn about the elusive Fae  and how to build respectful reciprocal relationships.

You’ll find out how to go even deeper with these concepts so you can make a difference for yourself and the world you live in.


What will we explore in this class?

We'll open up the door to what is Celtic Spirituality, addressing the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the cross quarters, and their significance for us today.

Then we'll move on to the spiritual connection of the land to us, the 5 directions, and power places.

We'll investigate bloodlines and the blessings and challenges of the ancestors from the Celtic perspective and the Geis.

We'll work to understand the nature of the Faery and respectful ways to interact with them. We'll learn about the different types of Faery and some of their history in the Celtic lands.

 Alida Birch is the author of The Co-Creation Handbook, a Shamanic Guide to Creating a Better World and a More Joyful Life.

A sought after shamanic healer and teacher, Alida has inspired people from all walks of life to create lives reflecting their deepest values and highest goals. She has helped thousands of students and clients around the globe recover from trauma, move forward in their lives, and find safe and practical methods to reconnect to the spirit world.

She trained with Tom Cowan for three decades and is certified as a shamanic teacher by Sandra Ingerman.

"Alida Birch has a true gift for presenting the practice of shamanism. She brilliantly helps students access their creative gifts so that they feel vital and empowered. I love Alida's work!"

Sandra Ingerman
Shamanic practitioner, teacher & author

When we open the doors to our co-creative genius, access spiritual wisdom and recognize the sovereignty of all living beings, we accelerate the shift to a vibrant, sustainable future that nourishes us all.    

– Alida Birch


Reid is a sought after shamanic teacher and healer, who has presented workshops on shamanism, otherworld exploration, and the Western Mysteries for more than 20 years. His workshops on the Forest Spiral and the Star Spiral connect core shamanic practice with Celtic, Nordic, and Western Mystery Traditions. Reid has inspired people from all walks of life to connect with their roots and their own truth. He has taught many to use safe and practical methods to connect to the spirit world and engage their higher spiritual aspirations.

His forthcoming book, Meet the Tarot Spirits will be out later in 2021.



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