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There has been a great response to the live course Tarot Spirits: Healing with the Stars, which covers basic astrology and working shamanically with the Tarot to Clear birth chart challenges. To serve those who want the essential teachings of the live course without waiting for a live class schedule, the AstroTarot Essentials course is available now at any time in a self-paced online format.

For a deeper understanding of the Tarot Spirits benefit, you can scroll down to a FREE master class: Meet the Tarot Spirits.

In February 2023, the advanced course will be available: Tarot Spirits: Stars and Shadow. It incorporates more advanced astrological techniques and the opportunity for deeper shadow work. More on that later. AstroTarot Essentials provides a great opportunity to get ready for that advanced course. Even better, those subscribing now for AstroTarot Essentials will receive a full price credit toward Tarot Spirits: Stars and Shadow.

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Putting Up with Unwanted Limitations

Explore one of the blocks to experiencing a the life you want in this 2 minute video.


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Get quickly to the heart of a powerful system for working with Tarot Spirit Allies to resolve blocks or impediments in your life so you can live a life you love.

The course is now self-paced with long term access to course materials and direct interaction with instructors.

If you’re like me, you want a life free of barriers that stop you from being fulfilled in relationships, work, and play.

You want to be in that magical flow of life, moving swiftly to your chosen destiny. And you know it’s possible.

Yet, in today’s hyper-fast and challenging world, so often your intentions are blocked or hidden beneath life’s distractions and demands.

You’ve seen others make rapid progress. Why can’t you?

Perhaps you are unsure how to effectively and completely clear conflict and disharmony —within yourself AND your relationships.

Maybe you have worked with Tarot cards or Astrology, but not had the BIG SHIFT—the helpful revelation or support to make permanent positive changes in your life.

Within reach you have these “flashcards of the Western Mysteries.” But do you feel lost in heady interpretations that leave you without a concrete method to solve your problems?

I have discovered that there are spirits inhabiting the Tarot who are powerful teachers and mentors. And they are truly available to everyone who learns how to access them.

If you are unclear on how to introduce yourself to these Tarot Spirit Allies or how to put their skills immediately to work in YOUR life, you're not alone.

Our modern Western culture, for all of its positives, has not taught us how to access the divine network of support available to us and how to make use of this guidance to create the life we want. Astrologers typically tell us about the “problems” in our natal chart, but rarely give us the tools needed to resolve them.

Just think: What would life be like if you had 22 spiritual advisers you could turn to when you needed wisdom, healing, or advice?

What if you could connect with these wise and compassionate spirits using the methods shamans have used for eons?

What would happen if you could bring spiritual gifts into your everyday life using a “simple” deck of cards?

You would find that opportunities appear, blockages resolve, and gifts from the Tarot Spirits transform your life.

And you don’t need to make enormous shifts in your work, home, or relationships to connect with these special spiritual allies.

You just need to learn how to connect so you can get the help you need when you need it.

That's why I teach how to connect to the Tarot Spirits, to help you clear challenges, receive the gifts you deserve, and make positive changes in your life.

My unique approach to working directly with the Tarot and your natal Astrological chart is appropriate for both the novice as well as the experienced Tarot reader or Astrologer.

When you learn how to work effectively and deeply with the Tarot Spirits, you release the shackles of the past, receive empowering gifts, and walk powerfully on a path to the life you have always wanted.

I’ll personally guide you in partnering effectively with the Tarot Spirits to grow beyond the limits of the past so you can move forward in your life.

During this proven, powerful program, you will:

  • Develop healing relationships with wise Tarot Spirit allies who bring gifts, inspiration, and support
  • Resolve challenges in your natal astrological chart
  • Experience the world with more beauty, connection and peace

It’s time to connect to the wise spirits of the Tarot for healing through astrology.

It’s time to once and for all break through the constraints of your natal chart!



I have been seeking a strong spiritual connection since my teenage years. In high school I studied Astrology and the Qabalah, with little result. But still, I sought further and studied widely in both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. Carlos Castaneda was intriguing, but I had a family to raise and did not see myself wandering in the desert to find a Shaman to apprentice to. 

After a decade spent with meditation and Tibetan Buddhism, I was still searching for a direct connection to the spiritual world. I was looking for a path that helped me resolve my “issues” and enhance my innate gifts, a path that satisfied my spiritual yearning and allowed me to make headway on things that mattered most to me. I did not know how to bring spiritual power into MY life.

I was unsure how to deepen my own spiritual connection.

In the early 1990’s I trained in core shamanism, two decades after my initial interest. This was followed by a deep dive into Celtic Shamanism, connecting me with my roots. Despite this powerful introduction to helping spirits and profound healing work, something still was missing.

Then I had a flash of insight, the beginning of a whole new approach.

After an inspirational journey, I developed an approach that brings the methods of core shamanism to the Western Mysteries. Melding all I had learned from both human and spirit teachers over four decades, I found that I was able to clear conflict and disharmony from my own life, opening up new layers of possibility.

I began to flow with a strong and ancient spirit connection. I had access to a new level of gifts from the Spirits. Before this insight, the Western Mysteries were stuck in my head. Now, with a connection to powerful spirits through a new path into the Tarot, a much more direct way to access the issues in my astrological natal chart, and an experiential way to access the Qabalah, I was able reap clear personal benefits and deepen my spiritual connection.

For several years I basked in my deep exploration of the Tarot spirits and their ability to bring together the three legs that form the Western Mystery School: Astrology, Spirit Connection, and the Tree of Life. Using Shamanic methods with the Tarot Spirits formed the seat that linked all three. A deeper sense of spiritual connection came into my life, enhancing my relationship with my partner, the land, and my community.

Then I realized that others would benefit from this work! I had the opportunity to work in circle with dozens of participants over the past seven years, deepening and expanding the Tarot Spirit path. It is now time, with folks in need, to expand the offering in an online format so it is broadly accessible.

I now realize the Tarot Spirit system is not meant for me alone but needs to be shared widely, especially at this critical time.

This work is too good to keep to myself!


What people are saying about working with Reid . . .

The combination of shamanic work with Tarot Spirits was very powerful and opened a doorway to reinvigorate my Tarot practice. The workshop helped me feel a deeper connection to Tarot spiritual guidance.

Aruna Beth R, Tarot Practitioner 

Combining Tarot, Astrology, and the Shamanic Journey is an excellent methodology for resolving repeating patterns in my life; very informative and enlightening.

Shannon D, Shamanic Practitioner, RN


Take this workshop! Reid’s classes are always full of information and practice. I always feel like I’ve had a boost in my growth and personal evolution.

Shawn W, Shamanic Practitioner, College Communications Instructor


This workshop helped me to make connections between different elements in my chart. In terms of raising awareness, clarifying problem areas. and having ways to work out issues, the methods moved me along in my path of emotional growth and spiritual development.

Monica H, Shamanic Student

Are You Ready to Clear Conflict from your Life and Engage a True Spirit Connection?

This Program is for you if: 

You're ready to align with wise spirit allies and connect to the wisdom of the ages.

You are ready to clear persistent blockages from your life so you can move on.

You want to bring astrology and Tarot into your own true spiritual path.



In this self-paced course, Reid will guide you through the fundamental concepts and methods to connect you with the Tarot Spirits create real and positive impact on your life.

Each lesson builds harmoniously on the next so that you develop a solid knowledge of the methods to work successfully with the Tarot Spirits.

Each lesson will balance connection with the Tarot Spirits and practical application to your own life.


We’ll explore the healing path of the Tarot Spirits. You will create your connection to a Loving Guide who will be your key to safe exploration in spirit realms. 

You will discover:

  • Relevant and surprising history of the Tarot
  • How to choose an effective Tarot deck for personal use
  • An ancient technique to access the other world that strengthens the visual quality of shamanic journeys
  • The healing path of Tarot and your Tarot Guide
  • Connecting to and receiving gifts from the Tarot Spirits of the major arcana
Tarot Image Credit: Druid Craft Tarot

Part 2:  THE MAGIC OF STAR POWER: Clearing Astrological Conflict from Your Everyday Life

You’ll explore the most direct approach to clearing challenging relationships in your natal astrological chart. Clearing these challenges opens up great power for positive outcomes to show up in your life. We work with challenges that are specific to your life. Astrological conflicts are discovered and resolved using the power of the Tarot Spirits.

You will discover:

  • The language, planets, signs, and symbols of astrology
  • How to cast astrological charts for you and your friends
  • Where the challenging aspects lie in your birth chart
  • A reliable method of clearing those challenges with the Tarot Spirits

Part 3: Expand your understanding of the Tarot in its many forms

In some respects, this learning approach turns things on its head: First, we focus on building a direct relationship with the Tarot Spirits in Part 1, then work closely with them in Part 2 to achieve powerful healing, and finally, we learn more about their traditional meanings as we deepen those relationships. Here is an opportunity to get a good foundational familiarity with all 22 major arcana of the Tarot as well as the court and pip cards.

You will explore:

  • Meet all of the 22 major arcana Tarot Spirits, in groups for each lesson, including the astral, higher self, severe, spiritual and merciful path groups
  • A lesson on the 16 court cards, leaders of each suit that have differing qualities of power and personality
  • A lesson on the number or pip cards of the Tarot that embrace the numerology and progression connected to the mysteries of the universe

For a deeper experience with the Tarot Spirits; enjoy this FREE Master Class now

"Meet the Tarot Spirits," taught by Reid Hart takes you on a relaxing "vacation journey," lets you meet a Tarot Spirit, and provides background on the Tarot Spirit methods that can enhance your life. Core elements of the LIVE 7-week course have been condensed into the AstroTarot Essentials course available now. The full live course will be next available in early 2024. Start now with AstroTarot Essentials and get a substantial to the next live course.


If you are interested in working with the Tarot Spirits, the AstroTarot Essentials course is the best way to make that connection reliably. You can register now and start this course immediately.

Engage the Tarot Spirits Return to AstroTarot information


  • 38 lessons including about 12 hours of video 
  • Supporting handout slides and articles with step-by-step instructions for each method
  • Question answers and comment responses directly from Reid Hart
  • Video and audio recordings of each lesson  – Watch or review on your  own schedule
  • Proven Shamanic Journeys and methods
  • Ongoing methods for daily or weekly practice
  • Apply the full class price as a discount to the next offering of the classes Tarot Spirits: Healing with the Stars or  Tarot Spirits: Stars & Shadow
  • PLUS Special FREE Bonus Material



In this online video course, Alida supports you in exploring the shaman’s journey. This ancient technology for expanding awareness supports you to be an even better co-creator of your life!

Working with the Shamanic Journey provides you with enhanced creativity and imagination, better problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities, opens up  your capacity to innovate, and nurtures your intuition.

Special note: If you have previously received this bonus or already know how to journey, you can gift this video course to a friend!

Your optional personalized
New for 2023!
Discounted from $47 to $25

This personalized 10-page AstroTarot Report shows your astrological information and which Tarot Spirits are important to work with. This report saves you hours of time trying to figure out which Tarot Spirits fit your astrological profile.

Tarot Spirit Master Classes  with Reid Hart

Two master classes provide you with a base understanding of how to connect to the Tarot Spirits and how to journey for a vacation in these challenging times. A deeper master class explores the Celtic cauldrons and their connection to deeper western mysteries.

REGISTER NOW for AstroTarot Essentials

Our self-paced online course is available to you now. There are 38 lessons, about 12 hours of video, supporting articles and slides, engagement forms, drumming tracks, teacher engagement, and everything you need to clear astrological barriers in your life.

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     Reid Hart is a popular teacher and leader in the Oregon shamanic community. He has helped hundreds of people in the U.S. and Australia heal, find gentle practical methods to reconnect to the spirit world, and move more deeply into a mystery connection with the universe.
     A healer and spiritual teacher for over 30 years, he has taught hundreds of people to work more deeply with shamanism, otherworld exploration, and the Western Mysteries. His teaching focus is a fusion of Western Mystery traditions with core shamanic methods. He works with Celtic, Nordic, Druidic, and Faery traditions, as well as the Runes, Tarot, Astrology, and Qabalah.
     He counts as his most important teachers: Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Tom Cowan, Claude Poncelet, the Q’ero of Peru, Sarangerel, R.J. Stewart, Orion Foxwood, Demetra George, Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, and, of course, his own wise and loving spirit allies.
     He is also an engineer working to reduce energy use in commercial buildings through efficient design and use of building equipment and improved building codes.
     He co-founded Hearth of the Dancing Drum Healing and Drumming Circles in 1991 to foster shamanic healing in his local community.

What Students Are Saying About Working With Reid . . .

Journeying to meet the Tarot Spirits gave me an intimate understanding of the Tarot that I could never have gained from reading a book. This is a unique workshop bringing together knowledge, insight and exploration of the tarot and astrology. I found it to be very insightful, fun, and inspirational. 

Megan H, shamanic student

This workshop provides a wide array of powerful techniques for relating to and accessing the mysteries buried in your astrological chart through the lens of the Tarot!

Mike L, shamanic student

Reid is a wonderful teacher.

Warren B, shamanic practitioner


This workshop initiates relationships with the Tarot Spirits as partners and as allies!

Wendy E, shamanic practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

This self-paced online course delivers curriculum to you on a step by step basis and you can determine and control how you do the work. Whether your favorable work time is morning, afternoon or evening, you can listen to the recordings of each session at your convenience. In addition, all of the course materials are available to you at any time after they become available on the course website.

All you need is a computer, mobile device, or telephone. If there’s more than one person in your household taking the course, you’ll each need your own connection and login. 

The basic methods taught in the course involve watching a dozen or more videos 20-45 minutes in length each. There are articles to read and review as well. Once you learn the core methods, you will want to apply them with a number of Tarot Spirits. You can likely complete the material over a few weeks, or may choose to spread it out over a few months. 

You can finish the course at your own pace in your own time. You will have long term access to the course videos. Downloads will be made available as long as you agree to hold the material for your personal use only. At some point, the course may be taken offline; however, in this case you will receive several months warning to download the videos for your own use.

This course is grounded in both core shamanic methods AND the Western Mysteries and utilizes the very best of both. The goal of this program is to clear challenges in your natal chart and to receive spiritual gifts and create a life you love.
Engaging the Tarot Spirits works because I have carefully crafted the course after compiling years of traditional knowledge and matching it with a direct way to meet and work with compassionate helping spirits. Combine this with your willingness to be curious and open up to new methods and you will benefit from a dynamic program designed to help you clear obstacles and receive gifts into your own life, opening space to contribute to a world that sustains us all.

AstroTarot Essentials contains about half the material in the 7-week live online course Tarot Spirits: Healing with the Stars. The most impactful work of creating a connection with the Tarot Spirits, receive their gifts, and engaging with them to clear your natal chart is included here.

Tarot Spirits: Healing with the Stars goes further and includes exercises to work with larger groups of Tarot Spirits, receive direct healing, work with your shadow self, engage different methods of obtaining advice, and other content.

When the live 7-week course is available, paid participants in this course will receive a discount offer to the more extensive live course.


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